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Amphibia > Anura > Micrixalidae > Micrixalus

Micrixalus saxicola (Jerdon, 1853) – Wayanad Dancing Frog

Taxonomic Notes:

This species was previously placed in the genus Platysticta Selys , but recent phylogenetic work by Bedjanic et. al, 2016 has revealed that the genus Platysticta is actually restricted to the Sri Lankan species and the Indian P. deccanensis Laidlaw,1915 actually belongs to a completely different clade. To accomodate this species a new genus, Indosticta (Bedjanic et. al 2016, Appendix 2) is erected.
Early Stages:
Indian and global distribution:
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Sexual, seasonal & individual variation:
Status, Habitat and Habits:

Amphibia > Anura > Micrixalidae > Micrixalus

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